New Zealand wire harness solutions: where to go for the best service

Be it construction or plumbing, automotive repair or farming, we need our machines to be in proper working order for our businesses to survive. So, what keeps our machines going and how do we ensure they run most efficiently? Any machine that possesses complex circuitry requires data and power to [...]

Customisable wire assembly solutions: Our process

Are you considering our wire assembly solution services for your business or project? Here at BJC, you can count on us to always provide quality products and safe, effective solutions. From drafting and design work to manufacturing and assembly, you’re in capable hands with our talented team. In today’s article, [...]

Is a wire harness NZ solution right for you? 

Is it time for a bit of site housekeeping? If your machinery is in a messy state of disarray, it might be time to invest in our NZ wire harness solution services. If you’re not sure whether or not our wire harness solutions are right for you, simply start by [...]


Professionals know that a quality Cable Assembly is durable, can withstand any environment and will keep wires safe and organised. When you’re looking for a firm that will provide you with that quality and durability you want to contact BJC. We’ve been in business for over 70 years with our [...]

Offshore Partnerships

The main objective for many of our clients and ourselves is to keep costs as low as possible! And, the secret ingredient to keep costs low can sometimes be outsourcing. The majority of original equipment manufacturers no longer produce or design the whole assembly of their products' parts and components. [...]

Wire and Cable Harnessing Australia

Wire and Cable Harnessing Australia If you’re looking for a wire and cable harnessing company in Australia, and you’re not sure where to turn, don’t worry. BJC is here to help! Wire and cable harnessing has become an essential part of the manufacturing process in many industries. From medical equipment [...]

Compromising on the quality of your wire harnessing solutions

We often hear stories where clients outsource wire harnessing and cable assembly solutions offshore. Usually, this leaves clients compromising between price and quality. Consequently, clients are left unhappy with cheap solutions that are poorly made and do not fit their needs. Don’t get us wrong, the price of your end [...]

Understanding the difference between Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

The term cable assemblies and wire harnesses have often been misunderstood as being the same thing. The main confusion stems from the terms being used interchangeably thus, causing greater misunderstandings about their functionality. To demystify this confusion, this month our experts are distinguishing the difference between cable assemblies and wire [...]

Taking proper care of your cable solutions

The world of cables is most definitely a twirly swirly one. And without adequate cable care, cables easily turn into a bowl of noodles. Whether your cables will be used full time or will simply be stored in a dark little cupboard never to see daylight, it is really important [...]

How to choose a wire harnessing manufacturer

Wire harnessing plays a vital part in many electrical devices. So you're ought to choose a wire harness manufacturer that cares, right? At BJC, we believe that choosing the right manufacturer will result in the overall quality and reliability of your finished product. Often people base their wire harness manufacturer [...]

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