The world of cables is most definitely a twirly swirly one. And without adequate cable care, cables easily turn into a bowl of noodles. Whether your cables will be used full time or will simply be stored in a dark little cupboard never to see daylight, it is really important you know how to care for your cables correctly. BJC has two simple care methods you can use so that you don’t have yourself a wire harness jungle. 


Hooks and Loops 

Who doesn’t love organisation? It’s aesthetically pleasing and when done correctly provides great functionality. But, keeping your cables neat and tidy shouldn’t be just for show. Cables should also be neat when in use too. Hook and loop fastening systems are perfect for taming the jungle in your server closet or cable room. Often we hear of cable owners who will resort to zip ties or duct tape to fasten their cables. We strongly do not recommend these methods. Because zip ties must be cut before they are removed, you are essentially running the risk of cutting a cable due to the closeness of the scissors to your cables. Hooks and loop Velcro fasteners are safer options and can easily be removed or re-adjusted. 


Coiling your cables 

What’s the one everyday cable that is notorious for being in a tangled mess? It’s our earphones. Just like earphones, commercial cabling doesn’t take long until it’s a hot mess. To avoid this situation, many attempt to wind their wires in a circular fashion. This is called coiling a cable. Knowing the correct way to coil your cables is essential as it ensures that you are not stressing your cables unnecessarily.  There are two main methods when it comes to coiling. The most common method is called the Over-Under coil. 


Over-Under coil. 

To do the Over-Under, twist your cable in one direction to make the first coil and then untwist it to make the next. Repeat this until you reach the end of the cable and it is nicely coiled. If we have confused you, simply search up Over-Under coiling on Youtube. There are plenty of videos that will easily demonstrate how to perform this coil. It will take some practice to make a perfect coil but, this method will relieve any stress that may have been placed on your wire harnessing due to incorrect care. 

Over-Over coil 

The Over-Over coil is the most common cable wrapping method. Essentially this method follows the pinch and twist motion. Evey cable has its own memory so, you will easily be able to feel where the cable will want to naturally wrap up. 

Just like anything you invest in, knowing proper preservation and care methods will ensure longevity and greater functionality. Cables and wire harnesses are no different. BJC is proud to offer a full end-to-end cable management service. We pride ourselves on the continual management and support of your cable solutions. BJC is more than happy to give you tips and advice along the way. We’re just one call away, get in touch with us today at 0800 432 863