It takes a unique combination of quality components to construct our country’s most useful automobiles and construction or manufacturing machinery. Wire harnesses are used to efficiently control and power these great machines, but what makes an effective wire harness, and where can your company find the best NZ wire harness technology? For the most innovative assembly of electrical cables and wires, look no further than the BJC team. 


The history of our BJC NZ wire harness designers

At BJC, we make it our priority to manufacture complex; high-quality wiring harnesses for all manner of engineering and machinery purposes. Originally operating in busy Perth since 1946, we provided top-quality wire harnessing solutions and contract manufacturing of wiring harnesses for companies in both New Zealand and Australia. 

No project too large or too small

Whether you need custom wiring harnesses for a substantial industrial company or an individual engineering project, our manufacturing plant is available to produce quality wiring harnesses at reasonable prices. Be it a 10,000 harness order or a single wire harness design, our capable staff are always available to handle your request quickly and professionally. 

The BJC process

Our reliable internal engineering process allows us to create wiring harnesses that suit your exact specifications, so feel free to be picky! Don’t hold back on the details of your project, we’re always up for a challenge. Be it an automotive, industrial or even engineering project, we’l have the NZ wire harness solution for your specific needs. 


Get in touch today! 

It’s time to stop relying in loose wiring systems and masses of spaghetti cables that tangle, break, short or trip up your staff. You don’t need your machine losing its power due to vibrations or internal moisture – you need reliable, safe performance, and that can only come from a custom wire harnessing solution. 

To discuss your custom harness needs, call us on 1800 327 116 or complete our online contact form.