Our wire assembly designs are perfect for your business. We’re confident about that fact. Why? Well, because here at BJC, we’ve been creating quality solutions and sourcing the perfect materials to establish them since 1994. Our training Matrix is comprehensive, ensuring our staff are well versed and up-to-date in all processes and systems. Oh, and we’re also ISO 9001 accredited. 

What more could you want from the team designing your wiring system solutions in New Zealand? 

Tailor-made cable management for New Zealand businesses 

With so many years of dependable experience between us in our custom wire harnessing solutions team, as well as the absolute latest in New Zealand wire assembly solution technology, we’ll work with your business to develop and design a top-quality solution to keep your employees safe and your machinery running smoothly. 

Each of our cable management or circuit design systems are clean, clever and guaranteed to keep things running smoother in your business. 

In our office, we like to encourage a cool, creative environment to help our designers flourish as they create your custom NZ wire harnessing solution. We’re creative folks; good problem solvers and highly experienced in all things circuitry. 

We’re also a competitive bunch, both in results and in pricing. Should your wire harnessing project require a price match or a series of well-priced parts, we’ll do our absolute best to make sure you’re getting the tidiest possible deal on all your cable management circuit designs. 

We encourage an atmosphere of creativity, innovation and productivity among our team. We’re also very competitive, so if you’ve seen a wire assembly solution done one way, we’ll aim to beat that process and provide you with a better, cleaner and more affordable solution!

Ready to embrace a tidier, more efficient workplace? 

It starts with wiring and circuitry that makes sense and stays safely out of your way. If you’re ready to clean up your workplace wiring, contact our team today!