Standard fittings

A. M16 crimp bush – zinc plated
B. 3 ⁄8”x 1 3 ⁄4” BSP silver solder bush – brass
C. 1 ⁄2” BSB crimp bush – stainless steel
D. 3 ⁄8” BSP silver solder bush, 5 ⁄8” long – brass
E. 1 ⁄2” BSB silver solder bush – brass
F. 3 ⁄8” BSP crimp bush – brass
G. M16 compression bush – brass
H. 1” Jug boss – 1 5 ⁄16” x 18TPI thread – brass
I. 1 1 ⁄4” BSP boss – brass
J. 2” BSP boss – T316 stainless steel
K. 2” BSP boss – brass
L. 2” John Burns BSP boss – brass

Unless stated, all the standard fittings are made from brass.
Please contact your local BJC agent should you require a special
size or material

Terminations for Tubular Elements


Our range of terminals shown are fully assembled with nuts and washers etc., but are also available in unassembled form. These are in addition to a wide range of proprietary terminals.

All terminals are spot welded using the highest quality welding equipment available.

Each machine is also fitted with an electronic timer and weld checker to ensure our customers receive a fault-free finished product.