In light of recent events, we’re pretty confident that New Zealand will be looking to promote more local manufacturing and investment in local businesses. With that being said, now is the best time for your local business (be it construction, plumbing, automotive repair or farming) to reassess a few key features to ensure optimum performance.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the importance of safety, efficiency and the overall performance of your machinery. Things around the factory, farm or garage can always stand to be improved, and there’s no place more important or worthy of improvement than your New Zealand cable management system. 


A safer workplace with NZ wire harnessing solutions 

No matter your industry, we’re sure that you and your team will appreciate the benefits of good quality wire harnessing. Your circuitry should be a composition of well-assembled wire harnessing solutions, built to withstand any harsh environment while keeping your wires safe and organised.

A cable management system designed by the team at BJC could help your business eliminate the following wiring risks:

  • If your staff members trip over wires 
  • If liquids are at risk of coming into contact with unprotected wires and switches 
  • If wires and cables aren’t marked properly 
  • If your circuit ensures power is flowing to important machines (medical, heating/cooling etc), and runs the risk of causing harm if power is suddenly lost 
  • If wires run the risk of coming into contact with moving machinery

Are you familiar with any of these risks? Would you like a bit more organisation, labeling and structure in your NZ wire system design? Let’s talk! 


A more efficient and future-proof workplace with NZ wire harnessing solutions 

With the right sort of organisation, labelling and unique circuitry design, you’ll be able to enjoy years of easy access to your wiring. With a more professionally labeled wiring system, it becomes much easier to perform swift repairs and replacements further down the track. 

For state-of-the-art wiring assembly solutions, look no further than BJC. Our wire harnessing solutions are constructed with quality materials and meticulous professionalism – built to withstand the elements and needs of any industry.