Known internationally for their effective and convenient utilisation in most machinery, wire harnesses are a must for any modern business. From automobiles to construction machinery, NZ wire harnessing solutions are a culmination of components assembled from electrical cables and wires. These wire harnesses can be used to transmit signals or convey electrical power. It’s a simple concept, yet utterly essential in the grand scheme of your workplace. 

Each NZ wire harnessing solution designed by the team at BJC is crafted to cater to your company’s very specific needs. Our designs are delicately bound together, flowing transmissions or power through an intelligent assembly of straps, cable ties and a conduit. While basic wire harnesses have numerous advantages over loose cable and wire situations around the office or factory, you’ll find our designs work best in moving, active machinery, where they can avoid issues with damaging vibrations and moisture buildup. 

If your machinery runs at high speeds or your components vibrate internally, you need an NZ wire harnessing solution. 


You’ve come to the right place

Here at BJC, you’ll be spoiled for choice when our team of talented wire harness designers offer you time and money saving solutions to all your wire management needs. We design and manufacture complex, top-quality wiring harnesses for all manner of machinery, and have been doing so since 1946! Be it a large industrial company or an individual engineer looking to clean up a complex cable system, the BJC team will produce your perfect wire harnessing solution at a sensible price. We’re also able to mass-make any design that you like. It doesn’t matter if you order one design or one thousand designs, we’re the team to make it happen fast and efficiently. 


New year, new solutions 

It’s time to stop relying on dangerous, dated configurations. Let our team clean up your loose wiring systems and tangled cables. When you need wire harnesses in New Zealand, let our manufacturing team at BJC design them for you.