It takes a certain, very specific assemblage of electrical cables and wires to keep machinery chugging, and chugging in a state of optimum efficiency, no less. NZ wire harnessing solutions are the means by which we keep our country’s most important machines working, and a well-designed solution will always deliver the absolute best results. Delicately bound together, this simple yet essential collection of components transmit power and signals from the flick of a switch or press of a button. Just like any orchestra, your circuit’s straps, conduits, cable ties and wires must flow in good form for best results. 

Fortunately for you and your machinery, the team at BJC just so happen to be talented ‘conductors’ when it comes to designing and sourcing the best NZ wire harnessing solutions.  

You won’t know your machines after BJC work their magic with them 

The BJC team manufacture complex; high-quality wiring harnesses that suit all manner of engineering projects and machinery. We’ve operated across Australia and New Zealand since 1946, with years of unmatched expertise and experience guiding our wire harnessing designs.

From large industrial companies to individual engineers, our manufacturing plant has always been available to produce top-quality wire harnessing at fair and affordable prices. Order one wire harness or ten thousand: whatever your need, we’ll meet and beat your expectations. 

About our process 

Our robust internal engineering processes allows us to create wiring harnesses that meat your exact specifications every time, without fail. Be it an automotive, industrial, or even sound engineering project, there’s a BJC NZ wire harnessing solution that’ll suit you perfectly. You’ll always get a custom-built, tailor-made experience whenever you leave it to the BJC team. 


To discuss your custom harness needs, call us on 1800 327 116 or complete our contact form.