The main objective for many of our clients and ourselves is to keep costs as low as possible! And, the secret ingredient to keep costs low can sometimes be outsourcing.

The majority of original equipment manufacturers no longer produce or design the whole assembly of their products’ parts and components. Outsourcing allows businesses to turn to outside experts with specialised equipment, personnel, and in-house manufacturing skills, all of which serve to keep prices down.

There are several reasons why customers turn to us as their specialist wire and cable harness manufacturer. Not only do we have extensive in-house and offshore ties, but we also specialise in engineering, design, design, production, and assembly services.

One of the challenges many original equipment manufacturers face is their high-volume models. However, BJC has addressed this through overseas partnerships that can deliver small orders while keeping the same high level of service.

As part of our risk management program, we monitor all suppliers for service, quality, flexibility, and price to ensure that they fit into our organisation. We conduct annual audits through site visits or correspondence and share our results with them to help improve both organisations’ services. All of our suppliers and partners are ISO accredited and fully compliant with standards and regulations.

Our strength lies in our diversity.

So, whether you’re looking at manufacturing locally or offshore, we have the connections to deliver top-class solutions. If you’re considering a change in cable or wire harness manufacturers, or you’re looking for a company to partner with, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.