Be it a plumbing or construction project, automotive repairs or farming equipment, all industries across NZ rely heavily on machinery to keep our country running smoothly. With imports being harder to come by lately, it’s especially important now, more than ever, to prioritise local manufacturing, local machinery, and local NZ wire harnessing and cable management solutions sourced by your fellow kiwis. Cue the BJC Team! 


Who we are 

We’re a professional team of NZ wire harnessing solution and cable management system designers. Between our team, we have more than 70 years worth of experiences up our collective sleeves. You can always expect excellent service from BJC. Our team will deliver top-quality performance in the products we manufacture and services we provide as we work with you to design and develop your ideas from concept to completion.


How we can help your local business stay afloat 

Whatever your industry, you’ll have likely found that big machinery means big, messy wiring. A lack of cable management in the workplace is an unnecessary risk, and the BJC team work hard to eliminate that risk while optimising your machine’s performance. 

Any machine that possesses complex circuitry requires data and power to be transmitted and exchanged across various points, and this ‘transmission traffic’ needs a bit of management to ensure the best possible output from your machine. Your circuitry ought to be arranged in such a way that it does not hinder the movement and capability of the machine; wires and switches should be dustproofed, waterproofed and protected. Staff shouldn’t have to trip over cables, and power should flow quickly and safely throughout the machine. 

To achieve these high standards of cable management in NZ, we will implement designs with proper organisation, labelling and circuitry flow. Your business will enjoy years of easy access to your wiring. Should you need any part of your circuit replaced, repaired or updated, an organised system (installed by an NZ wire harness expert) will make sure that this isn’t only possible: it’s easy!