Operators of manufacturing machinery will understand all too well how tricky a factory floor can get when your wiring is running amok. Even as machinery and computer systems improve, getting the components of your factory to ‘communicate’ sometimes forces us to cut unsafe corners. Wires are left in vulnerable zones, control panels and sockets are exposed to the elements, and just the thought of phoning for a repair might make you cringe. If the expert shows up to see your circuitry, would they be able to easily locate the issue, or will they be swimming through a sea of unlabeled wiring? 

Fear not. With a well-designed NZ wire harnessing solution, we’ll see your circuitry chaos transform into an orderly arrangement that’ll have both your machinery and employees smiling.  


An organised factory is a happy factory 

NZ Wire assembly solutions are the key to a smooth and efficient factory floor. You don’t want stray cables coiling around the ankles of your employees, waiting to trip them up like roots on a forest floor. You don’t want spaghetti-wire operations and controls either: can you imagine how confusing this sort of chaotic system would be to maintain and repair in the very likely event that a component of your machinery requires a fix? 

Avoid any and all wiring chaos with one of our sleek, simple and sophisticated NZ circuit designs. With parts sourced locally and at excellent, affordable prices, you can be assured a super-efficient, tailor made experience with the talented team at BJC. 


A safe solution for kiwi factories 

Ready to commission your own fantastic new NZ wire harnessing solution? Our safe, secure, organised and expertly crafted wire management systems will give your factory the edge in any competitive market, while keeping your employees safe and free from falls, spills or unwanted electrocution! Each BJC system is designed to suit you and your unique business, so don’t hesitate to get particular with your request. We look forward to meeting the challenge!