Be it construction or plumbing, automotive repair or farming, we need our machines to be in proper working order for our businesses to survive. So, what keeps our machines going and how do we ensure they run most efficiently?

Any machine that possesses complex circuitry requires data and power to be transmitted and exchanged across various points. This ‘transmission traffic’ ought to be arranged in such a way that it does not hinder the movement and capability of the machine. It should also achieve this while simultaneously working to protect your precious cabling.

No drop of water or douse of dust should come into contact with your top-quality wiring. We use wire harnessing to achieve this goal. Here’s a little more information about the benefits of wire harnessing NZ.


Quality New Zealand wire harnessing

Professionals working in any industry ought to appreciate the benefits of good quality wire harnessing firsthand. A composition of well-assembled wire harnessing goes a long way, withstanding any harsh environment while keeping your wires safe and organised.

With proper organisation, labelling and circuitry design, you’ll be able to enjoy years of easy access to your wiring. Should you need any part of your circuit replaced, repaired or indeed new components added, an organised system (installed by an NZ wire harness expert) will ensure this can be done safely and efficiently.


Who should provide my NZ wire harnessing?

For state-of-the-art wiring assembly solutions, look no further than BJC. Our wire harnessing solutions are constructed with quality materials and meticulous professionalism – built to withstand the elements and needs of any industry.

With 70+ years in the business across Lower Hutt and reaching all the way across the ditch to Perth, you can expect excellent service from BJC. We know you expect top-quality performance in the products we manufacture and service we provide, and we’ll work with you to design and develop your ideas from concept to completion.