If cable assembly and New Zealand wire harnessing solutions are on your company’s Christmas wishlist this year, boy do we have the services for you! The wire harnessing solution expert ‘elves’ at BJC are here to offer you a Christmas miracle. Instead of enduring another year of mixed up wires that all look the same, or messy piles of wiring that take up valuable space in your factory, shop or office, we’d like to offer you one of the greatest gifts of all: organisation. 

And, beyond that, maintainable organisation. 

Here’s what we can deliver to your team with our wire harnessing and cable management services. 



Further to the organisation services we mentioned before, our wire management designs will take whatever loose bundles or braids of wires hanging around your workspace and craft from them a custom assembly that’ll look as fantastic as it performs. Keeping track of wires can be time-consuming and sometimes dangerous. There’s a lot that can go wrong in a workplace when one wire is mistaken for another. Eliminate risk and encourage a more streamlined operation with our New Zealand wire harnessings solutions. 

Durability and longevity 

At BJC, we manufacture both cable assemblies and wiring harnesses in New Zealand. Both products can prevent tangled wires, short outs, and other common wiring issues that might otherwise result in your employees getting seriously injured. Depending on the environment in which you are running wire, we can also design solutions that provide added protection for your wires. Wire harnesses and especially cable assemblies can serve as a further barrier against abrasions, heat, and other environmental hazards. If you are working in an extreme environment, let us know. We will factor any installation hazards into our wiring harness designs.

As you can see, using custom made wiring harnesses for your New Zealand business can save you time, extend the lifespan of your wires and provide extra peace of mind.

Ready to place our cable management services on your Christmas wishlist? Give us a call on +64 4 567 4179.