Confident cable management for your NZ business

Our wire assembly designs are perfect for your business. We’re confident about that fact. Why? Well, because here at BJC, we’ve been creating quality solutions and sourcing the perfect materials to establish them since 1994. Our training Matrix is comprehensive, ensuring our staff are well versed and up-to-date in all [...]

New Year, new wire harnessing solutions

Known internationally for their effective and convenient utilisation in most machinery, wire harnesses are a must for any modern business. From automobiles to construction machinery, NZ wire harnessing solutions are a culmination of components assembled from electrical cables and wires. These wire harnesses can be used to transmit signals or [...]

Wire harnessing solutions: a real Christmas miracle

If cable assembly and New Zealand wire harnessing solutions are on your company’s Christmas wishlist this year, boy do we have the services for you! The wire harnessing solution expert ‘elves’ at BJC are here to offer you a Christmas miracle. Instead of enduring another year of mixed up wires [...]

Where to shop for New Zealand wire harness solutions

No construction company, automotive repair shop or agriculture business is complete without sturdy, efficient and effective machinery. For these industries to survive, we understand that your machinery ought to be performing at its best and for the longest amount of time. When it comes to keeping your machines happy (and [...]

Wire harnessing solutions for manufacturing machinery

If you’re in the business of manufacturing products, you’ll understand better than anyone that your machinery and computer systems are advancing at almost alarming rates. We’ve never experienced such connectivity in the factory… or such complexity.  As the wiring and infrastructure that we use develop and evolve, so do your [...]

Is a wire harness NZ solution right for you? 

Is it time for a bit of site housekeeping? If your machinery is in a messy state of disarray, it might be time to invest in our NZ wire harness solution services. If you’re not sure whether or not our wire harness solutions are right for you, simply start by [...]

Customisable wire assembly solutions: Our process

Are you considering our wire assembly solution services for your business or project? Here at BJC, you can count on us to always provide quality products and safe, effective solutions. From drafting and design work to manufacturing and assembly, you’re in capable hands with our talented team. In today’s article, [...]

New Zealand wire harness solutions: where to go for the best service

Be it construction or plumbing, automotive repair or farming, we need our machines to be in proper working order for our businesses to survive. So, what keeps our machines going and how do we ensure they run most efficiently? Any machine that possesses complex circuitry requires data and power to [...]

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