Just-in-time wire harnessing NZ

Kanban is a Japanese methodology for managing production as part of Just in time (JIT) and Lean Manufacturing. Part of the system controls what quantity of goods are produced, and when. The main component of JIT manufacturing pertains to the pull system. The pull system dictates that goods should only [...]

Choose BJC for your NZ wire harness design needs

It takes a unique combination of quality components to construct our country’s most useful automobiles and construction or manufacturing machinery. Wire harnesses are used to efficiently control and power these great machines, but what makes an effective wire harness, and where can your company find the best NZ wire harness [...]

Wire harnessing solutions for manufacturing machinery

Operators of manufacturing machinery will understand all too well how tricky a factory floor can get when your wiring is running amok. Even as machinery and computer systems improve, getting the components of your factory to ‘communicate’ sometimes forces us to cut unsafe corners. Wires are left in vulnerable zones, [...]

NZ wire harnessing for businesses big or small

It takes a certain, very specific assemblage of electrical cables and wires to keep machinery chugging, and chugging in a state of optimum efficiency, no less. NZ wire harnessing solutions are the means by which we keep our country’s most important machines working, and a well-designed solution will always deliver [...]

Confident cable management for your NZ business

Our wire assembly designs are perfect for your business. We’re confident about that fact. Why? Well, because here at BJC, we’ve been creating quality solutions and sourcing the perfect materials to establish them since 1994. Our training Matrix is comprehensive, ensuring our staff are well versed and up-to-date in all [...]

New Year, new wire harnessing solutions

Known internationally for their effective and convenient utilisation in most machinery, wire harnesses are a must for any modern business. From automobiles to construction machinery, NZ wire harnessing solutions are a culmination of components assembled from electrical cables and wires. These wire harnesses can be used to transmit signals or [...]

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